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Startup Awards 2017

Tech Startup of the year awards

This February 2017 Nott Tuesday celebrates Nottingham's newest generation of tech startups from the past year. They compete for a cash prize of up to £1000 (So far, the sponsors are still rolling in!) and face-to-face sit-downs with the hottest startup programs around.

Startup Categories

Only the most innovative and exciting startups need apply

  • New Startup Awards

    New Startup of the Year

    This award is for new startups who have launched their service or product within the last two years. The startups can be pre-revenue and the emphasis here is on potential as well as success so far. The winner will receive £1000 in cash - our sponsors are still expanding and the prize list is growing. Follow us on twitter for additional prize updates!

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  • Future Startup Awards

    Startup of the Future

    This award is dedicated to people who have a great idea for a startup they think should happen. Whether a real company at pre-launch or not, the aim of the award is to reward the future potential of a startup idea. The winner will receive £500 in cash as a prize.

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Event Sponsors

Our sponsors help us get great speakers in and provide drinks at our monthly events.

The judging panel

We are pleased to introduce the judging panel for the 2017 start up awards!

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