Tuesday 8th February: Phil Campbell, Signature Social Media Project

Regular Nott Tuesday speaker and Social Media extraordinaire Phil Campbell will be taking center stage at February’s Nott Tuesday. Phil will be explaining his exciting eco social media project: ‘The road to the Signature Social Media Project’. In Phil’s own words:

I am philcampbell

‘Connector and disruptor’

Expanding on his four year digital journey curating social media for brands like Cradlepoint, Tekkeon and Nokia Phil goes into detail about utilizing social networks bigger than the updating of your status message.  Distribution, reach and why your digital journey and footprint is so important.

Phil’s year long livingARK

Currently working towards his ‘signature’ social media project with the http://helpbuildtheark.com project Phil explains how being social with your business can build community that come to you rather than you going out to them.

Brash, opinionated and incredibly tech infused Phil will share with you a wealth of information to inspire and pump passion back into your digital offerings.”

So, to summarise:

18:30 – 20:30 at Antenna, Nottingham 8th February

Speaker: Phil Campbell, Signature Social Media Project

Q&A: topics raised


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6 responses to “Tuesday 8th February: Phil Campbell, Signature Social Media Project

  1. really looking forward to it! :)

  2. thank you for sorting that nick! – looking forward to next tuesday! :)

  3. No worries – see you next week!

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