Nott Tuesday 10th July: Patent Crash Course

Mark Graham, an Associate Patent Partner, at Withers & Rogers will be presenting July’s Nott Tuesday talk. Mark is an experienced patent expert with first hand experience of software patents.

The goal of Mark’s presentation is to provide a crash course in patents and a guide on how/if you can protect all the hard work you’ve put into your product. Mark will be covering three aspects in the talk:

  1. What are patents and how does the process work? – This will be a basic overview of the patent system. Mark will help answer any misconceptions people might have about patents.
  2. Why would you want a patent and how can you use the patent system to your advantage? – Mark will look at how to use IP effectively, commercial tactics, ways to save cost, and the like. Mark will show how some approaches don’t even require a granted patent to use the system to your advantage.
  3. Software patents – Can you get them? How can I tell if my software is patentable? – There are a lot of misconceptions about software patents, and it doesn’t help companies/inventors protect their interests or even work out whether they’ve got something that they can protect. The aim here is to give some practical tips to allow people to quickly get a feel for whether they have something patentable before initial/further financial outlay.

July’s Nott Tuesday will be held at our regular venue of Antenna with the talk be starting at 7:00pm.

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