Nott Tuesday 9th October: Notts Open Data & Creative Quarter

We have an exciting double bill of new Nottingham City Council technology initiatives to announce at October’s Nott Tuesday:

Notts Open Data

David Vernau and Mick Dunn from Nottingham City Council will be speaking at this month’s Nott Tuesday about how the Council is approaching the Government’s Open Data initiative. They will be discussing what it will mean for the Council and how it could impact Nottingham as a whole. They are also looking for our help….

Open Data is the idea that non-personal data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other control mechanisms. This is outlined in the Government’s Open Data White Paper, found here: published in June 2012.

Investigating and understanding the possibilities of Nottingham’s Open Data and the delivery mechanisms for it will be key to the success of this project, so David and Mike welcome all advice and ideas. This will be a shorter presentation followed by an open discussion for feedback and ideas.

They want to use this Open Data initiative to increase transparency whilst helping to improve efficiency in their internal work processes and help stimulate local innovation to create valuable new services and applications.

So, get your thinking caps on and share your ideas on the 9th!!

Notts Creative Quarter

Following on from David and Mark’s talk Adam Bird, Esendex CTO and co-founder, will be discussing the very exciting new Nottingham City Council backed creative quarter. The Creative Quarter will stretch from London Road, the Lace Market and into Hockley.

This initiative will see tens of millions invested, through investment funds, directly into Nottingham businesses active in the creative and technology sectors. In addition to the £57m in funding, the Creative Quarter initiative will also be supported by a number of mentoring and advise initiatives for promising businesses.

This is wonderful news for the Nottingham creative and technology sectors. We look forward to hearing more from Adam on this new initiative.

So, to summarise:

18:30 – 20:30 at Antenna, Nottingham 9th October

Speakers: David Vernau and Mick Dunn from Nottingham City Council and Adam Bird

Q&A: topics raised

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