Nottingham’s Tech Start-up of the Year 2012

It’s that time of the year again for The Nott Tuesday’s Tech Start-up of the Year competition!!

We’re searching for Nottingham’s Most Promising Tech Startup, is that you..?

Five startups (less than 3 years old) will pitch their services on the 13th of November 2012!! We’ll have five experienced judges to hear the startup pitches and select three winners.

Planitt (1st place, Zahid Mitha co-founder pictured above), LeaveWatch (2nd) and  SiteVersion 3rd received over £4,500 in prizes last year!!!

The Format

As with the 2011 Awards the format will be simple:

  1. 5 minutes to pitch
  2. 5 mins Q&A with judging panel
  3. Judges retire to deliberate
  4. Winner announced & prizes given

The panel

The judging panel will include experts in entrepreneurship, funding and legal advice. They all know what is takes for a start-up to succeed. We’ll let you know who they are once all the judges have confirmed.

The Pitch

The judges are going to want to hear about

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Competitor / Market
  • Team
  • What you are looking for

The trick is to keep it simple, punchy and to the point.


We need sponsors to support the event and provide prizes for the winner/s. Please email with your ideas for prizes. As a sponsor you will be profiled on Nott Tuesday blog and at the award evening in front of Nottingham’s tech community.

How to enter

If you want to enter email now with a short pitch of your product. The judging panel will then select the best five startups to present on November 13th 2012.

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19 responses to “Nottingham’s Tech Start-up of the Year 2012

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  4. Hi Guys, I have an internet marketing company in Nottingham, we have been running for 5+ years but we have just created a new company for a new project, a free on-line affiliate network, Would this qualify even though its part of a more established group of companies?

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  6. Hi,
    Is it still possible to enter?

  7. Hi James,
    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately it is too late for this year. However you can enter next year.
    Best regards, Nick

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