Nott Tuesday is for internet startup founders, entrepreneurs – whether developers or business people, and technologists. It is a free social networking event which warmly welcomes new attendees and is held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Each month we have stimulating speakers giving talks on the challenges of starting and running a technology business, practical guidance on operating a business such as finding funding and exploring future technologies for new opportunities. Every November we have our biggest event where startups pitch their services or ideas to a panel of experienced judges and the winners take home £1000′s of prizes!!

This social networking group is here to help, support and inspire. Adam Bird, the co-founder and CTO of  Esendex, one of Nottingham’s brightest technology companies started Nott Tuesday in 2009. Since 2010 I (Nick Barker) have run it with the help of others including CJ, Steve Weston and Julian Higman. I have my own technology business Aware Monitoring, so I know the importance of networking and support.

The ethos of our group is bring together technology people, startups and companies. Our vision is to fill the Nottingham tech scene with networking and opportunities. As Adam Bird first said “Success begets success. The more we can help each other to be successful, the more we all benefit.”

So every 2nd Tuesday let’s meet in central Nottingham and help each other to make Nottingham a tech powerhouse!!

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  1. Hey Adam, sounds like a great idea, I’ll be there. Have you considered setting up a Facebook group? It’s not all suicidal teenagers and could help raise the event’s profile.

  2. :D

    A LinkedIn group is in the plan, but you’re right Facebook should probably be done as well. I’ll sort something out.

  3. A great idea. Nottingham is a global hub for online game development and technology innovation. We havn’t lack for investment and support or our abilty to globally commercialise our techmology.

  4. I’m at the very bottom of the tech food chain, but this sounds like a good idea :)

  5. @JohnSmalley and you can bloody well stay there, too! :)

  6. I’ll try to make it (I’m based just outside Leicester). May I suggest you set up a group on meetup.com?

  7. sounds like a good idea, i’d be up for this (cheers for the heads up gary)


  8. Would be interested but can’t do Tuesdays at the moment. Is there an RSS feed on this blog I can use to stay in touch?

  9. Hi Helen, the feed is here: http://notttuesday.com/feed/ will make it a bit more obvious on the blog.

  10. Please could you send a bit more info. on this please. Sounds interesting

  11. Sounds like a good idea, would like to have a bit more info on this.

  12. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night. Nottingham doesn’t know what’s about to hit it…

    Chris (words/marking for mobile & tech brands)

  13. I look forward to this evening, speaker sounds very interesting.


  14. This does sound like a good idea. We’ve been hosting monthly meet ups for web designers and those involved with eBusiness for about 18 months now at the CAST Bar in Nottingham. Anyone interested in web technologies is invited to attended these social get togethers to talk about sharing skills and best practise. I’m sure a lot of our members would be interested in attending a technology group. Here is a link to videos taken at some of the events we’ve recently done if anyone is interested…


  15. I just want to reiterate Bjorn’s post above. Axis does have a similar vibe to Nott Tuesday. With Axis meeting up on the last Thursday of each month and Notttuesday on the 2nd Tuesday they are a good way points to network with a large slant on socialising with a nice beer each month.

    And to Helen who was disappointed coz her Tuesdays are taken come along to Axis on a Thursdays.

    Looking forward to the next NottTuesday and of course Axis.

  16. Superb idea, hopefully I can make it to some of the meetings.
    Would love to get some feedback on some of my thoughts for web-business.

  17. Nott Tuesday has been recommended to me by 2 friends. I run an online only business (Office Stationery & PC Supplies) and was wondering whether the group is suitable, i.e. is it geared towards technology developers, programmers, emarketing specifically or would an etailer like myself be welcome??

  18. I went to my first NottTuesday event at the beginning of the month and really enjoyed it. It was a little more technical than the other events I go to in Nottingham, but that was actually what I liked about it as I am more technical in nature.

    The was a lot of people there with other interests though and since it’s free, there is no harm in turning up and seeing if it’s your kind of thing. There was no commintment expected.

  19. You know since I hooked up to twitter I can’t get over just how much is going on in Notts. This sounds great, be interesting to find out a little more about this.

  20. Morning Adam,
    Frustratingly I am over seeing a photoshoot that day and these things tend to go on and on so won’t be able to pop along. Shame but now I know I will try and book work round the next get together. Thank Pete.

  21. Hi,

    Do you have an email list I can join, or a contact email address?



  22. Hi Giselle,

    Excuse the very slow reply – we now have a shared meetup.com page for all the Nottingham tech events including Nott Tuesday:


    On this page you can register for email alerts on upcoming events.

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