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Nott Tuesday 15th April: Thinking Lean

For April’s talk we have Toby Reid, former startup founder and now Director Next Business Generation startup accelerator programme, who will be overviewing learn startup thinking, discussing how their using lean at NGB and how lean can help you.

NBG Logo

The aim of NBG is to  create more, better quality startups in Nottingham across the city’s three key sectors including digital. They are helping early stage startups in their formation and providing them with lots of on-going support. The programme is funded by Nottingham City Council and central government.

Toby’s not new to startups having had his own with Heath Reid, and helping other startups over many years by running Growth Investment Network East Midlands and Toby’s talk will:

  • Give an short outline of lean start-up thinking and evidence based entrepreneurship.
  • Common startup mistakes including his own, others and a discussion on how avoid repeating these.
  • Overviewing the business model canvass and how NBG startups are using this approach.
  • Discussion how lean can be applied in practice.

We’d like a lively interactive discussion on lean thinking and it would great if you can share your use of lean, new business ideas, or problems you’ve had with lean at the talk. Its an excellent place to bring these up with all Toby’s experience of lean in practice.


Think lean is child’s play…

We’d had past Nott Tuesday lean talks include me (Nick Barker) in 2013 on ‘Learning to pivot with Lean’ and from Joel Gascogne in 2010 on ‘Startups keeping it lean’ on BufferApp. This talk should be really interesting because NBG are helping lots of startups use and learn from lean thinking.

So, to summarise:

18:30 – 20:30 at Antenna, Nottingham 15th April (NOTE 3rd TUESDAY NEW DATE!)

Speaker: Toby Reid: Thinking Lean

Q&A: topics raised






University tech talk

Later this month, on the 23rd April, The University of Nottingham are holding a technology entrepreneurship talk between 5.30pm – 6.45pm.

Haydn Green Logo

Professor Simon Mosey will be sharing some of the Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship research and showing that technology entrepreneurs are not unique individuals that can see the future.

Rather technology entrepreneurship is where diverse teams  try out many different possibilities, most of which will be unsuccessful. Simon will be showing how these skills can be learnt.

The format for the event is as follows:

5.30pm – Registration and light refreshments
6.00pm – Introduction by Professor Martin Binks
6.05pm – Seminar commences
6.45pm – Networking and buffet

Venue: LT2, The Exchange, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham, NG8 1BB.

Click here for more details

The Science of Entrepreneurship conference

Next week Next Business Generation is holding a Science of Entrepreneurship conference at BioCity, in Nottingham on the 27 March 2014 from 12.00pm – 8.00pm.

NBG Logo

They have a range of keynote speeches, workshops and networking opportunities, this event offers delegates the opportunity to learn about the developing approaches to launching new businesses, products and services which are based on ‘lean startup’ and ‘evidence-based entrepreneurship’.

The event is aimed at anyone interested in the developing approaches to launching new businesses including established/ serial entrepreneurs, universities (tech transfer offices and departments of entrepreneurship), early stage investors, large corporate’s and economic development policy makers.

Delegates will be able to debate and discuss the application of  ‘lean startup’ and ‘evidence-based entrepreneurship’ to areas outside of digital tech (online products and services) such as life sciences and engineering. We’ll also explore case studies and evidence of the successful application of these approaches.

This year’s speaker line-up includes the Senior Fellow of the Kauffman Foundation, Ted Zoller; Peter Torstensen, Chief Executive Officer of Accelerace Denmark and also Toby Reid, Director of BioCity Nottingham and Next Business Generation.

Click here to find out more on the NBG website


New monthly date

IMPORTANT: For those that have not already heard – we’ve moved Nott Tuesday from the 2nd Tuesday of each month to the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Nott Tuesday Logo 3rd Tuesday

This will take effect from this month and therefore the next Nott Tuesday will be on the 18th of March, rather than tonight the 11th of March. This month’s speaker is Mark Shaw talking about Your Brand Values

Nott Tuesday 18th March: Your Brand Values

This month we have the return of Mark Shaw after his talk on copywriting – Mark’s March talk will guide you on ‘How to define and express the things that make your business so amazing.’ Mark has a wealth of experience in brand communication and copywriting.

Mark is the founder and director of Liquid Europe (a satellite of Silicon Valley’s No1 agency, Liquid). Previously to this he founded Jupiter Design, which was the Midland’s largest design agency.

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw, founder and director of Liquid Europe

After selling Jupiter to the management team he joined the Design Council as a Design Associate, wrote a weekly column “Mark Shaw’s Creative Nottingham” in the Evening Post and Chaired the Nottingham Creative Business Awards for two years.

Under Mark’s guidance, Liquid Europe have created some ground-breaking brand and messaging techniques that have been applied to Jeep brand extentions, Cisco branding and even the local butchers in Ruddington!

Using Liquid’s current Experience Nottingham brand and marketing campaign as his case study, Mark will give valuable insights into how to perfect your company’s brand and marketing.

So, to summarise:

18:30 – 20:30 at Antenna, Nottingham 18th March (NOTE 3rd TUESDAY NEW DATE!)

Speaker: Mark Shaw: Your Brand Values

Q&A: topics raised

Third Tuesday

Nottingham’s increasingly vibrant tech community and the growing number of meetup groups has meant that several of these group events are held on the same week each month. To make life easier for those that attend multiple events we have decided to move Nott Tuesday from the 2nd Tuesday of each month to the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Nott Tuesday Logo 3rd Tuesday

This will take effect from March 2014. Therefore the next Nott Tuesday will be on the 18th of March, rather than the 11th of March. March’s speaker will be announced shortly.

Beers on BigChips

In addition to Adam Bird’s Lessons from an exit talk at tomorrows Nott Tuesday Shaun Fensom from the Big Chip Awards back again this year to give us an update on their 2014 tech competition at 7:00pm. Shaun is also kindly buying your first drink!!

The Big Chip awards are the biggest and longest running digital awards outside Bigchip2014_logoLondon. They’re open to entries of all types of digital work – from software to marketing, technical or creative – from anywhere in the northern part of England. Entries will close on 17 March 2014.

Click here to find out more about The Big Chip awards

Nott Tuesday 11th February: Lessons from an exit

In the fifth installment of our ‘Founder Series’ of talks, where startup founders discuss some of their major lessons learnt, we have Adam Bird returning to Nott Tuesday and updating us on his continued entrepreneurial journey and if it’s all been down to luck…

Adam last came to speak at Nott Tuesday two years ago in 2011 when Esendex were expanding internationally, with his Going International talk.  For those that don’t know Adam, he co-founded Esendex in 2002 and exited last year with an £11 million management buy-out. He’s also a judge on our Nott Tuesday awards.

Adam Bird

Adam Bird CEO of One Diary

Adam’s now gone back to the beginning and launched his next venture One Diary.  Adam will be telling us what he learned from his 12 year journey from attic room to multi-million pound exit, and how he’s approaching his new startup in order to stand the best chance of finding out whether he is good or if he has just been lucky.

One Diary is a platform for managing meetings & tasks between multiple people on multiple devices.  Adam’s seen the opportunity with multiple workflow platforms becoming a complex, difficult and sometimes impossible task.

One Diary logo

One Diary

This should be an excellent talk from the founder of one of Nottingham’s leading tech companies and all about how to start again.

NOTE: Adam’s talk will start at 8:00pm on the 11th – so socializing first this month!

So, to summarise:

18:30 – 21:00 at Antenna, Nottingham 11th February

Speaker: Adam Bird, Lessons from an exit

Q&A: topics raised

Logo: final 2

We are down to two – here are the final 2 logo design’s we’ve chosen from the 99Design competition Ian Naylor setup, for the new Nott Tuesday logo.

Please give any further feedback what you like with design, colour, etc via the comments below or email me

We can also talk about the logo at tonights ‘How to be a #PORM star’  Nott Tuesday with Alexia Leachman


Nott Tuesday 99Design logo comp design 144

#193 in red:

Nott Tuesday 99Design logo comp design 193 in Red1Nott Tuesday 99Design logo comp design 193 in Red2

We need to make a decision very soon – so let me know.


Nott Tuesday 14th January: How to be a #PORM star

How to be a #PORM star… and why you need a Personal Online Reputation that rocks!!

As a light-hearted start to 2014 we have Alexia Leachman kicking off the New Year once again. This year Alexia will be talking about how to build a strong online presence and uses plenty of fun analogies. Alexia gave this talk at The Digital Marketing Show last year.

Alexia Leachman

Alexia Leachman

One of first places people will go to check you out is online. And that’s probably before they’ve even met you. No matter who you are today, you need to build a digital presence that reflects, supports and enhances your personal presence. In this talk, Alexia shares what it takes to build and manage your personal online reputation so that it works for you while you’re busy doing what you do best.

Alexia is a Nottingham-based personal brand & reputation specialist and is the founder of As well as giving regular talks on reputation, personal branding, marketing and social media all over the UK she also blogs and writes. You can find more about Alexia at

Alexia is a lively and fun speaker, so come along and figure out how you can get the most out of your online presents!!

So, to summarise:

18:30 – 20:30 at Antenna, January 14th January

Speakers: Alexia Leachman

Q&A: topics raised