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Positive Disruption – April 2013

Disruption is usually unwelcome. It represents conflict, chaos, and potential danger. We discourage disruptive behavior in our homes and our societies, often favoring passivity and compliance.

TEDxChange 2013

But disruption can be a positive – sometimes vital – catalyst for change. It can challenge old assumptions, ignite conversations, activate authorities and expose new possibilities. Disruption can shed a unique light on difficult issues, giving a fresh urgency and perspective to the challenges of our global community.

To solve the most intractable challenges in health and development, we need positive disruption. It is the path to true progress.

TEDxChange 2013  takes place on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 9:00am PDT in Seattle, Washington. Themed Positive Disruption, TEDxChange 2013 speakers will challenge preconceived ideas, spark discussion, engage leaders and shed light on new perspectives.

You can watch the live in the comfort of you airchair

An intro to TEDxChange

Since TEDxNottingham in March 2012 and TEDxLaceMarket in November 2012 a Linkedin group TEDx in Nottingham was established to bring the 2 events and any future TEDx in Nottingham events together.

TEDxChange is the live stream offering. Mean while accompanying the livestream at TEDxLaceMarketChange we are hearing progress reports from 2 previous TEDx speakers Phil Campbell from TEDxNottingham’s Local Hero’s event and Marsha Smith from TEDxLaceMarket’s Family & Community event. 

Working collaborative is easier said than done. This months NottTuesday is hosted by event regular Caron Lyon in the absence of Nick Barker. Reflecting on the event’s and reporting back to update you on the positive progress these initiatives have achieved. They are bought to you in the form of a mini TEDx.

3 speakers each getting 18 mins to present to you.

6.30 – Doors open
7.00 – Welcome address and intoduction
7.05 – Speaker one: Rob Williams – IT Director at Capial FM Arena.

Would you run a website without analytics, or a business without performance reports, or a budget? Reports and Analytics are fundamental to success. You have to be able to measure how well you’re doing in order to improve, in order to change.

Yet what about your life, your health, your productivity?
Do you know how many emails you replied to last week? how much time you spent on Facebook vs in Excel? what you ate, how healthy you are?

Personal analytics are about to hit the mainstream, let’s take a look at what they can do for you…

7.25 – Q&A
7.30 – Speaker two: Marsha Smith (Secret Kitchen Cafe) TEDxLaceMarket

Marsha Smith opened up The Secret Kitchen Cafe; a social eating enterprise to expand her experiences around food sharing, food appreciation and food foraging. As well as having fun feeding people, she teaches ‘no weighing, no measuring’ cooking classes. She also advises on food poverty and is currently setting up family cafe spaces where people can access the healing frequencies that communal eating generates. Since TEDxLaceMarket Marsha has established her business as a social enterprise and the positive impact from TEDx has been greater than she could ever have imagined.

7.50 – Q&A and a chance to refill your glasses
8.00 – Speaker three: Phil Campbell (Cellar 54) TEDxNottingham

Phil Campbell conceived the cellar54 concept with the help from both Dan Rose and Caron Lyon over a number of years. Content creator, video blogger and brand advocate (previously for Verisign) The Cellar54 web studio is working on a number of projects including ‘on-the-round’ tools, digital social media signage for independent stores and guides for students to develop their own brands and social media practice while at university.
8.20 – Q&A
8.30 – Mini TEDx Ends

If anyone would like to sponsor the event to provide a drink token or some food please get in touch. See you there.


September’s all about renewal and rebirth

Business Turnaround Case Study

accent image - Anterian banner

Speakers: John Corker, Anterian; John Cunningham, Anterian

This month’s presentation will focus on business turnaround and examples of the financial and operational steps that can assist. Two ex Directors of a software company in the Television and Media sector will present some of the lessons learned during their recent business turnaround and successful company sale. In particular the presentation will focus on the changes they instigated in financial management, human resources, sales, research and development, professional services and customer support.

At Junes’s Notttuesday we heard from Ian Fletcher the third director in the Anterian Executive

Location: Antenna – 9a Beck Street

Start time: 6:30 for 7:00pm

Nott Tuesday 8th May: Without Walls… the art of conversation curation

Without Walls… the art of conversation curation – Door entry: bring a business card

For May’s Nott Tuesday Caron-Jane (CJ) Lyon, a Notttuesday regular is taking the stage to share some insight in to:
  • Organic Audience Development
  • Audience sustainability
  • Using Twitter for events
  • Community Network building
  • Social Media real time feeds
In 2010 Caron and video blogger, brand advocate Phil Campbell,  joined forces as collaborators and set up, a HD community web studio and ‘on the ground’ real time event team.

Caron worked as a stagemanager before retraining as a web designer in 2003. In 2006, As she realised she was not a designer social media emerged and slowly the realisation hit that being a stagemanager was harder to escape than she first thought! Caron is an event specialist with an unhealthy knowledge of social media! By embracing social technology she makes her job and her life easier!

From creating social networks for Arts Council England’s Amb:IT:ion program and Pilot Theatre’s Shift Happens conferences, live streaming interactive coverage for Architects Journal and Audiences Europe to Twitter ‘conversation curation’ (digital show calling) audience engagement and event support are the common theme.

As a consultant Caron provides the knowledge and training organisations or individuals need to make media, connect and talk across the web in real time sustainably.

So, to summarise:

18:30 – 20:30 at Antenna, Nottingham 8th May

Speaker: Caron Lyon from PCM projects &

Join Caron on Tuesday 8th fresh from the Bank Holiday for
“Without Walls… the art of conversation curation  – Door entry: bring a business card”

Nott Tuesday 10th January : What about Android?

Back in June 2011 we bought you the “Future of Mobile” which heavily focused on Apple and developing apps for their mobile devises. To kick off 2012 we are putting Android in the spotlight.

Restart your networking at this first NottTuesday of 2012 with Steve Haley co-founder of MultiPie Ltd, a Nottingham-based Android games company.

They have published two games for Android devices: Spectrum Puzzles, a fun and family friendly jigsaw puzzler; and very recently Astral Plague, a “2D shooting bonanza”.

Steve will talk about their experiences making games for Android, discussing the platform as a whole, the avenues for selling, some common (mis?)conceptions about ‘fragmentation’ and the ‘start up’ success of MultiPie Ltd’s games.

This event will be live streamed to Bambuser by Notttuesday regular, Caron Lyon from PCMcreative